The time that:- I won first prize in a competition

           I’m at the front on the left in the picture above – how cute am I!?

When I was five, I won first prize in a competition.

I had to lay a mat (I think it was a beer mat) nearest to where I thought a parachutist would land.  The prize?  A tour of Bedfordshire in the air in a single engine air craft in late summer 1979.

The jump was arranged by a group called Save Sandy Now Action Group which was opposed to the road improvements that were being proposed for the A1.  The chairman Ken Lynch had arranged the event to raise awareness before the public enquiry.


In the picture on the left, I’m posing in front of the aircraft!  Oh dear!  I can only assume I was told to pose like that (at least I hope I was told to pose like that).   Maybe I should have gone into catalogue modelling.