Beyond the Barricade

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went to the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage to see Beyond the Barricade, a musical theatre group who perform hits from the musicals.  We have seen them a couple of times and each time, we are blown away by how awesome they are, performances often end with a standing ovation.

The cast of Beyond the Barricade include David Fawcett, Rebecca Vere, Andy Reiss and Katie Leeming and each member of the group has appeared in Les Miserables at some point in their career.

On this occasion, Katie was ill but Sarah Ryan was a fantastic late stand in.  The group perform for two hours and you are taken on a whistle-stop tour of the greatest musicals, including (but not limited to) Phantom of the Opera, Chess, Miss Saigon, Starlight Express, Evita, Blood Brothers, The Lion King, Spamalot with the finale being, as the group’s name would suggest, songs from Les Miserables.

It is the Les Miserables finale that is my favourite and it is all I can do not to sing along (you really don’t want that!) to “At The End Of The Day”, “On My Own”, “Master Of The House” or, my personal favourite “Bring Him Home”.   There is something about the way David sings this that makes me cry.  Every time.  Without fail.  It’s haunting and you feel his pain.

A great night out and if you can get to see them, it is highly recommended.  Early booking is essential – we didn’t book early enough last year and missed out.

For tour dates and more information visit the Beyond the Barricade website.

*Photo courtesy of the Beyond the Barricade website.