Green Smoke by Rosemary Manning

Green Smoke is a book that I first read as a young girl.  It’s a story about a girl called Susan who goes on holiday to Cornwall.  Constantine Bay to be precise.

Whilst on holiday there one year, she meets a dragon.  R. Dragon.  He is 1500 years old and despite being a dragon, he doesn’t eat people!  Susan and the dragon have all sorts of exciting adventures whilst she is on holiday.

It’s a beautiful read and I remember absolutely loving it when I was younger.  I’m not sure what happened to my original copy but I recently bought a new copy which has illustrations,  which only adds to the story and the charm of the book.  This book is the first in a set of four, and although I haven’t read the others, I suspect they are just as good.  I’m glad it’s back in my collection.

Have you read Green Smoke – did you enjoy it?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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