A House Through Time

A four-part BBC 2 programme written and presented by David Olusoga, “A House Through Time” charts the history of 62 Falkner Street, Liverpool.

Starting from 1840 (where the house was actually numbered 58) and finishing in the present day, we learn about the residents of the 4 storey Georgian house and their lives whilst they were living in Falkner Street.   Their tale is interlaced with events happening in Liverpool at that time, including the effects of cholera, World Wars 1 and 2, The Great Depression, Toxteth Riots and the HIV epidemic.

Each episode deals with a different period in time:-

  • episode 1 – 1840s – 1850s
  • episode 2 – 1850s – 1890s
  • episode 3 – 1891 – 1945 and
  • episode 4 – 1945 to the present day

Using historical documents and, in the last episode, testimony from those that lived there, we end up with a picture of the life of 62 Faulkner Street so far.

David Olusogo presents this series with passion and I really believed he cares about each residents story.  I was completely fascinated by each episode and I do hope there is another series.

If you missed any of the episodes, they are currently on the BBC iPlayer.

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