Paddington & Paddington 2

I saw the trailer for Paddington 2 and thought that it was a film I would enjoy, but realised that I hadn’t seen the first one.  Fortunately it was on the telly recently so I decided that I had to watch it.

I absolutely loved it!  Remember the feelings you got when you watched The Snowman for the first time – all warm and fuzzy – that’s what I got!!  It tells the story of how Paddington Bear came to be living with The Browns and the trials and tribulations that a bear living with humans has to overcome.  The scene where Paddington takes a bath is quite hilarious.

Paddington 2 was just as good – the story has moved on and Paddington is still living with The Browns but they have a new neighbour who is played by the wonderful Hugh Grant (I think he is particularly brilliant in this film).  Paddington is trying to find the perfect birthday present for Aunt Lucy, who is 100, which he finds – a pop-up book of London.  The problem is he doesn’t have any money to buy it, so has to undertake odd jobs for his neighbours in order to earn some.  Before he is able to buy it, it is stolen.  We follow the story as he and The Browns try to unmask the thief.

It’s a bloomin’ fantastic restore your faith in the world kinda film.  Like a big warm hug.

If you go and see this film, stay through the credits – a surprise awaits!

Have you seen either of the Paddington films?  What’s your verdict?

Hazel x

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