Finding a job

As you know if you have read my post “Being made redundant – my story” I have been out of work since July 2016 – that’s longer than I perhaps thought I would be and you’ll see from the above post that I was going to start looking then, but it never happened!  I think I enjoyed being at home too much but it is now time for me to start looking for a job.

I’ve updated my CV and will shortly be sending it to local job agencies and I have been looking online, but I just don’t know what I want to do.  I’ve also been out of the “looking for a job” market for over 14 years now and it scares me a bit to start again.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret leaving my last company but sometimes I wish it hadn’t happened.

I do know that the new position needs to be local to me, maybe within walking distance if I am very lucky (I shan’t hold my breath) and that I like office work.  I introduced social media to my last employer and really enjoyed the interaction with the customer so maybe I could find a job that allows me to do that and if it includes website administration, even better.

Does everyone feel like this when they go back to work after a long absence?  Did you?  Do you have any hints or tips that would help me – please leave them in the comments section if you do.

Thank you!

Hazel x

PS  The orchid is still alive!!


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