The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a fantastic film.  Based on the true story of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon it tells how they get together after she heckles him at a comedy show he is performing in.

Emily realises that the relationship may not be going anywhere when she finds a cigar box full of pictures of women at Kumails’ place. These are pictures of all the “good Pakistani women” his mum has tried to set him up with.  He has also not told his parents about Emily.  They break up.

It’s a film about love, romance and realising what is important in life – you’ll have to watch the film for yourself to find out what happens to Kumail and Emily.

Starring Kumail Nanjiani (as himself) and Zoe Kazan (as Emily) it is a joy from start to finish.

Have you seen The Big Sick?  What did you think?

Hazel x

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