Despicable Me 3 & Baby Driver

Having been to the cinema at the weekend, I thought I would share my thoughts on the two very different films that hubby and I saw.

Despicable Me 3
– I loved the first two movies but for me this lets the franchise down.  The story could have been so much more, but it felt like – “Ooh we had success with the first two movies, what should we do for the third?”  It felt a bit flat, and almost rushed (which is ironic as it probably takes ages to animate!).  The Minions were under-used and for me they are the best thing about the movies.  Left the cinema very disappointed.



Baby Driver
was a different experience altogether – I LOVED THIS FILM!!!

Written by Edgar Wright (probably best known for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz & World’s End) it tells the story of Baby, a getaway driver, who suffers with tinnitus.  To drown the tinnitus out, he listens to music.  Loud music.  He has different playlists depending on his mood and several iPods that he listens to these playlists on.  He also records his conversations and uses them in remixes that he creates.

Due to a debt that needs to be repaid, Baby is the driver for Doc (Kevin Spacey).  Doc is a heist planner who tends to use an alternating crew of bank robbers for each job – except for Baby.  Baby is always the getaway driver.  Whilst waiting for the call from Doc for the job that will finally repay the debt, Baby meets Debora (Lily James) in a diner that he stops in and they strike up a friendship.   I’m not going give away any more – you’ll need to go and see the film!

The music throughout the film is fantastic.  It adds to the drama and is very cleverly orchestrated.  Whilst I’m not a fan of some of the music, it suits the film.  It’s 113 minutes of pure escapism and I would definitely go and see it again.

What films have you seen lately – did they meet your expectations, or were you disappointed?  Let me know in the comments.

Hazel x

2 thoughts on “Despicable Me 3 & Baby Driver

  1. I desperately want to see both of these. I’ve already booked tickets for Despicable Me 3 this weekend, and hopefully I can catch a screening of Baby Driver at some point. Sad to hear this one didn’t live up to the rest of the franchise though, because I also really enjoyed the first too. I didn’t like The Minions movie so I was happy when I heard we’d get a 3rd Despicable Me film. Oh well, with a big box of popcorn I’m sure i’ll leave the cinema satisfied regardless haha. Nice post!

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Movie Pilot? I’d like to invite you to join the platform, and I’d love to hear from you so I can to expand on that. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my “About” page. Hopefully talk soon!


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