Podcasts I’ve been listening to

I thought I’d share with you the podcasts that I’m listening to at the moment.

They are, in no particular order:-

The Danny Baker Show – Danny Baker and Lou Pepper present this two hour extravaganza live on a Saturday morning (9am – 11am) on Radio 5 Live.  The format each week is mostly the same in that Danny will tweet a selection of topics for listeners to peruse before he leaves for the studio.  The person with the most obscure and/or funny story will share it on air.  There is a guest which Danny will chat in-depth to and then there is the Sausage Sandwich Game.  Ahh the Sausage Sandwich Game – a hilarious game in which two callers (playing for any team they support) score goals against each other by answering trivia questions about the celebrity that week, including whether said celebrity has red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all on their sausage sandwich.  My description doesn’t do it justice – you really have to listen to the show to get the full effect.

Kermode & Mayo Film Review – Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo broadcast on Friday afternoons (2pm-4pm) on BBC Radio 5 Live.  During the show, Mark will review the latest films, there are guests, actor interviews and listeners emails.  The podcast does have extras that are not included in the live show.  Mark and Simon have a great rapport and make the show a joy to listen to.

Desert Island Discs – I’ve just finished listening to the Ed Sheeran episode – what a lovely down to earth guy.  I’ve written a post on my Desert Island Discs here.

At Home With Colin Murray – There are (at the time of writing) 5 episodes in the series but I’ve only listened to Jamie Carragher and Gary Lineker.  The guests are interviewed either in their own home, or they visit Colin in his.  The first 4 episodes are football related but episode 5 is all about Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh who are hockey players.

At Home With……… – Presented by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton.  This is a new podcast that was launched last week.  Lily and Anna are beauty bloggers who have added this podcast to their expanding empire (my words, not theirs).  There is only one episode at the moment – Jo Elvin who is the Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine.  The guests are interviewed in their own home so the girls get to have a snoop as well as ask the questions that we would all like to know the answers to.  As well as listening, if you download the podcast via the Acast app, you get to see photos of the items that they talk about in the episode.  It shows how popular the girls are, as it went straight to number one in the iTunes audio podcast chart just based on people listening to the trailer.

The Emma Guns Show – another recent discovery but I absolutely love it.  It’s a beauty related podcast where Emma interviews a beauty insider and quizzes them on everything.  Topics to date have included online content, music taste, saving lives, and anxiety.  So far I have listened to Sam & Nic from Pixiwoo, Caroline Hirons and Fleur de Force.  Each one is over an hour long and it does feel like you are listening to friends having a chat as the conversation flows and it not forced.

So there you have it, my favourite podcasts at the moment.  What are you listening to – let me know in the comments.

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