Free Comic Book Day


Did you know that the first Saturday in May each year is Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book Day is a worldwide promotion with the sole intention of getting more people to read comic books.


As in previous years my favourite comic shop, Limited Edition Comix are participating and will be giving away free comics to their customers.  Visit their Facebook page to see details of what else is happening in store on that day.

Limited Edition Comix are located in Stevenage (10 Market Place, SG1 1DB) and are sellers of not only comic books but Pop toys, action figures, tabletop games, Hot toys and much more.

If you visit the shop, you will be greeted by either owner Rich, Ed or Alice and if you need any help or recommendations on what you should buy they will only be too happy to help.

If you are unable to visit the shop, their website is updated regularly with the latest comic books which you can order and have sent direct to you.

For more information on Free Comic Book Day, visit this page on the Free Comic Book Day website.

Do you have a favourite comic?  Mine is the Fables series.  Set in Fabletown, we follow the adventures of the townsfolk (the characters are based on people from fables, fairy tales and folklore) who have been forced out of their home by “The Adversary” and are living amongst us, blending in so as not to be found out.  Those who are unable to blend in are hidden at “The Farm”.  Residents of Fabletown include Prince Charming, Snow White, Rose Red, Red Riding Hood, Mowgli and many many more.  I read the “trade paperback” and there are twenty-two of those.  These are made up of four or five single issues.  I’m currently on issue 8.

Enjoy Free Comic Book Day and if you visit Limited Edition Comix, tell them I sent you.

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