Loves & Hates – No. 2


Pretty Iconic – Sally Hughes – my full review of this fantastic beauty book is here.

The Good Fight – this is a spin-off show from The Good Wife – it follows various female lawyers as they deal with the fall out of a financial scam which wipes out the savings of Diane Lockhart, and destroys the reputation of one of the newest young lawyers.  Written by the same team as The Good Wife, The Good Fight is a grittier more rounded drama.  It is laugh out loud funny in places – this is due to the appearance in episode 5 of an old friend (I’m not going to spoil it for you but I cheered when they appeared on-screen).

iZombie (TV series) – Oliva (Liv) Moore, a medical student, is at a boat party when she gets scratched by a zombie which subsequently turns her into a zombie.  She takes a job in a coroner’s office so she has access to the brains she needs to eat to keep the zombie in her at bay.  The upside to being a zombie and having to eat brains is that Liv temporarily takes on the personality of the person whose brain she has eaten including all the quirks.  These range from a cheery coffee shop owner to a grumpy old man.  She has flashbacks of their memories which she is able to use to assist local Police Detective Clive Babineaux in solving their murders.  She passes herself off as a psychic in order to keep her secret from him.  The only person that knows her secret is her boss Medical Examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and he agrees to keep her secret.  Netflix is currently showing season 3.

Speed Beauty by Caroline BarnesCaroline is a make-up artist who has a YouTube channel in which she shares her tips and tricks but, and this is genius, most of the videos are under two minutes.  Even her introduction video is concise.

St George’s Festival – an event held at Wrest Park every year to celebrate St George’s Day.  Hubby and I have been the last few years and we love it.  It’s a great celebration of everything that is good about our country.  There are stalls, jousting, re-enactments, medieval encampments and the battle of St George and the Dragon.  A fantastic day out for all the family.


Big Little Lies – I watched the first episode and half of the second and I was bored.  I’m not sure what all the hype is about.

Tomatoes – still don’t like them.

What are your loves and hates this month?

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