Wrest Park in pictures

Thomas Archer’s Pavilion

If you’ve seen my post “Wrest Park – My Favourite Place” you’ll know how much I love visiting Wrest, so I thought I’d share with you some of the other photographs I have taken there.  If you haven’t read the post, or you want to refresh your memory it is here.

front view of house
This is the back of the house and was taken on the hottest day of the year in July 2015.


view from the house
View from the terrace of the house – you can just see Thomas Archer’s Pavilion being restored in the distance.
chinese pavilion
View of the Chinese Pavilion from the Chinese Bridge.
oldest Christmas tree in Britain
The oldest Christmas Tree in Britain. Not sure I’d want to put the star or fairy on the top!
dappled in sunlight
Walkway dappled in sunlight.
hidden urn
We found this by accident one day. Seems Wrest Park still has secrets to uncover.
bath house
The ironstone bath house.
Atlas statue
This stone statue of Atlas is the centre piece of the now filled in Atlas Pond.

Have you visited Wrest Park?  Do you love it as much as I do – let me know in the comments.

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