Loves & Hates – No. 1

The inspiration for this post comes from “Woman & Home” magazine who have a celebrity “Loves & Hates” every month.


Tony Blackburn – he recently took over the “Sounds of the Sixties” slot on Radio 2 and I think is he doing a fabulous job.  The slot moved to 6am from 8am which I think is a bit early for his humour, and he is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he makes me chuckle and I enjoy the music that is played. 

Den of Geek are a website who provide reviews on movies, games, television and basically anything else they fancy.  A recent article they wrote was all about how often should you descale your kettle.  Their “Geek Vs Loneliness” section is where they take a serious look at some of the issues that their readers might be facing.  They are also big fans of Jason Statham so what’s not to like.

Country music – what I like about country music, is you can actually hear the lyrics – none of the “thump thump” style beats that seems to be in most pop music these days.  Proper tunes with proper words which you can sing along to (albeit out of tune).  I prefer more upbeat country music and a few of my favourite artists are Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, The Shires, Darius Rucker and the Zac Brown Band.

Last Man Standing – a recent discovery, Last Man Standing is a comedy which stars Tim Allen (Home Improvement; voice of Woody from Toy Story) as Mike Baxter and Nancy Travis (Three Men and a Baby; Three Men and a Little Lady) as his wife Vanessa.  Mike works for Outdoor Man – an outdoor sporting goods store and he is their Marketing Director – he has three daughters and we watch as he navigates his way through life.  Every episode has made me laugh.  Out loud.  Several times.

Fleur De Force brow tamer – this is a double ended brow gel – one end is clear and the other end is a brown gel.  There are three shades – light, medium and dark – I have the medium shade.  It’s a perfect match colour wise and does a fantastic job of taming the hairs into place and also giving them a coat of colour.  The gel is also very long-lasting.


Tomatoes – I don’t know where this hatred I have for tomatoes comes from, but I remember an incident that happened when I was about five and at nursery school.  The lunch of choice that day was scotch egg, chips and plum tomatoes.  The juice of the plum tomatoes went everywhere and I refused to eat my lunch.  The school didn’t like that so my mum was called to the school – when she was told what I had for lunch she said “She doesn’t like tomatoes”, and that was the end of that.  I love you mum!!

People who walk into a movie once it’s started – I don’t mean whilst the trailers are on, I mean once the actual film has started.  Hubby and I were watching Beauty and the Beast recently and a couple walked in ten minutes after the actual film had started.  I don’t understand how you can enjoy a film after it has started.

Noisy eaters in the cinema – once the film has started you should be concentrating on that – not noisily munching your way through the far too large bag of popcorn you have bought and will probably leave in the cinema once the film has finished.

What have been your loves and hates recently?

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