Wrest Park – My Favourite Place

I have been visiting Wrest Park for a number of years and I can honestly say it is one of my favourite English Heritage sites, so I was rather excited to be approached by Lily (one of their Historic Properties Stewards) and asked to write a few words on “My Favourite Place” in Wrest Park.

This is what I originally composed:-

There are a few places in Wrest Park that I really love, but my absolute favourite place is on the Chinese Bridge.  From here you can see the newly restored Chinese Temple which overlooks the river on one side, and a spectacular view of the canal on the other.

I can totally lose myself whilst walking down to the Chinese Bridge – I often imagine myself as Jemima Campbell, Marchioness Grey walking round the grounds and then taking respite from the sunshine in the Temple; or Nan Herbert, 10th Baroness Lucas and matron of Wrest Park Hospital having a well-deserved break from looking after the wounded soldiers from the First World War.

It is usually very peaceful on the Chinese Bridge so getting lost in my thoughts is quite easy, the exception being when the ducks decide to spoil the peace and tranquillity by, well by being ducks!

Unfortunately, this was too many words!  I had to cut it down to 50 or less – I managed 54.

To see the full feature visit the Wrest Park Facebook page here and for more information on Wrest Park visit their website here.


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